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20 Nov 16
Simon Jones

I started home schooling! I was just sick and tired of going to school and only having one or two teachers show up. It was a complete waste of time! Most days I slept through more than half of the school day because either there is no teacher to teach so it’s just an unsupervised room full of teenagers, or the teacher was there but he just stayed outside and was on his phone or talking to another teacher who was also not doing his job as a teacher. Once this second container arrives which has the village drill in it we will start doing water projects, and with me being home I can go and help with those.
About two weeks ago I got three spider bites. All on my right hand. One on my thumb, one on the tip of my index finger, and one on my middle finger. My hand swelled up huge and I couldn’t bend my middle finger at all.
Three weeks ago the tile got put down on the floor of the dome and yesterday we painted! The tile is white and walls are white. It’s so much brighter than it was when it was just the gray cement. In preparation for the tile I had to sweep out the whole thing. It’s kind of hard to get a cement floor clean but I did my best. The next thing to do was to tape over the skylights. The was particularly hard because the ceiling and the walls are round so I had to wedge the ladder in between the floor and the wall/ceiling. The ladder was straight up and down for some of the lights. For the lights that were near the middle of the dome I put the ladder in an A frame and had to stand on the second to top rung to be able to barely reach the top and be able to cover the light. The last step was to sweep the walls and ceiling of cement dust so the paint would stick. When we painted I had to hold the suction tube of the paint sprayer in the paint buck, and mix the paint (with my bare hands).
We got a puppy about two weeks ago. Her name is Olympia. On the way home from picking her up from a community by the beach I sat in the bed of the truck with the puppy on my lap and she threw up on me! I think we have a special bond now haha. When we bought the dog (for only $5) they told us that they didn’t feed her anything but milk, that was a total lie. She threw up three whole peppers and it smelled so bad. Me and Ivy made her a little dog house and she sleeps just outside our door. Last night she was crying until about 11 o’clock at night because she had run through a nest of driver ants which bite really hard. I felt bad and I wanted to go help her get them off but I didn’t want to get bit.
Last Friday Diamond’s (one of the boys here at the compound who is about my age) motor bike broke down and I happened to pass him on my way from taking the mechanic (who was at the compound fixing the suburban) to the main road about 6 miles away. On my way back from taking him I passed him and we talked a little about the problem and decided that we would have to fix it once we got back to the compound. I had the bright idea to tow his bike with my bike because I was riding the big, powerful dirt bike, which I had wrecked about a month earlier. So I rode home and got a tow rope and rode back. We hooked it to the front of his bike and to the back of my bike. He put his bike in neutral and then I took off with him behind me. It worked! We didn’t wreck! I still can’t believe that it worked, Diamond said that we are the first ones that he knows of to “hold” (or tow) a motor bike with another motor bike.
Anyway it’s been smooth sailing for the past week and I haven’t had any new injuries and I hope I’m able to keep that up for at least another week or two.


  1. Tawnya November 22, 2016 at 3:14 pm

    When I tell the boys about your school experience and the teachers not showing up for class they can’t believe it. There are some teachers at their school that they wouldn’t mind if they didn’t show up. 🙂 I’m glad you made it through this week unscathed, even while towing a motorcycle with another one. Hopefully that means your luck has changed for the better!

  2. Kadin Mercer November 27, 2016 at 6:00 pm

    That is great that you were able to help out by being a tow driver in helping hooking up another bike that wasn’t working.

    I hope that you don’t get any new injuries either.

    Take care bud.

  3. Gramma Jones November 28, 2016 at 8:09 am

    Great blog post Simon. Very entertaining to read. So…were the spiders brown recluse do you think??? Glad you are back on the bike again. Sounds like you are going all over the place. Good idea to tow Diamond.

    Sounds like it was dangerous to paint the dome house. Glad you didn’t get ANOTHER injury.

    Love you….

  4. Wynn December 26, 2016 at 5:31 am

    Love the post, Simon. I can just imagine you missing the paint by hand. :O Hilarious.

    Glad you were able to tow a bike with a bike. Very tricky. When I was on my mission in Peru I pledged that if I ever lived in a developing country again I would try to live in an all-white house. I will just have to live my dream vicariously through you.

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