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brushing, blisters, and buddies

30 Oct 16
Simon Jones
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This past week was not very eventful. The only time I leave the compound is to go to school and Saturday we went to the beach but that’s really it. The beach is really fun! The waves were amazing! They were huge and they were breaking pretty close to the beach which was nice to not have to go out so far. We also had to had to “brush” the area behind one of the houses that we are going to make a part of the orphanage and that took forever! Brushing is pretty much mowing the lawn with a cutlass. We’re just clearing weeds half as tall as me to bushes and small trees that are taller than me. I have 7 blisters but I got pretty tan so it was worth it 🙂

We have been here for 1 whole month already! I feel like it went by really fast. Just to think that there are only 8 more of those to go comforts me a little. It’s hard with the separation from my friends back home. Talking to them makes me miss them even more, but we’re not here forever. We will see them again. There is this one special person in particualr that I miss very much. His name is Jare. I can’t wait to be able to see him again!

Hopfully we will be able to move into the “dome home” this month. These guys that my dad hired to help out with the house, have been working on it for the past week – patching up leaks and what not on the top of the roof. It always scares me when I see them up there because the roof is round so they could fall off any time! My friend took me down to the Poe river on Saturday and told me about how we would be going craw fishing during the dry season when the water is lower and not moving as fast. I’m exited for that.

I miss you all and I can’t wait to see you again!

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  1. Gramma Jones November 2, 2016 at 3:10 am

    Hi Simon,

    So glad to read your blog post. I have been missing you like crazy!

    I also helped “mow” the area behind the house at the new homestead. If it isn’t done about every week, the brush just grows so fast. It is hard to keep up with it, isn’t it. And the plants with the yellow flowers that have the thorns. Yikes! Made my hand bleed more than once. Wish I had had gloves for BOTH hands, not just one. I tried using a cutlass to cut down some bamboo. It is harder than it looks. Good for you for getting in there and helping. Your strong muscles are needed.

    Time does tend to go fast if you keep busy. This experience will be over before you know it…and you may even miss Liberia once you are home. I know that I do.

    Do you like craw fish?? Have you tried it? Have you swam in the Poe river yet? Looks pretty dirty.

    I love you. Thanks for sharing you journey with me.

    Gramma Jones

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