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teeth, towers, and mooncraters

30 Oct 16
Charlie Jones

Hello. The 80 foot tower is getting taller and taller. The reason that the constuction guys are building it is so we can get internet here. They are building it in the compound, and I don’t know why. Must be for some technical reason or something like that. Or maybe so I can climb it.

Going to church here is a very hot, sweaty, difficult thing to do here. First of all my family sometimes has to ride with Faith, Patrick, and Joesephine. The reason I don’t enjoy doing that is because they can all get extremely rowdy and loud. As for me, I am glad that I sit up in the middle seat by Andy and Kayla because then I don’t have to sit back with them. Simon, Ruby, and Ivy do. It is not like I’m geting special priviledges or anything like that, I get carsick really easily. Plus, there are these mooncraters in the road that are super bumpy. I hate it a little.

A tooth of mine finally came out. It has been really bloody. Especially when I brush my teeth. It hurts whenever I do that, so I just try not to brush that side of my mouth so my teeth won’t hurt. I know and understand that if I don’t brush the side of my mouth where the tooth was lost, then those specific teeth won’t be cleaned. So, I have been having mouth pains for some time now. The tooth above it finally pushed it out of the way, it seems.

Since there is not much else to do here I have been reading a lot. I’v never been interested in reading until about a week after we arrived here. I try not to read books too thick, like Percy Jackson or Just Jane, because then you get too consumed in the book and lose track of time and the next thing you know you’re starving, but your family has already had dinner without you. So if you didn’t know, now you know.

There is not much left to talk about now, so I hope that everybody back home is safe and happy without us.




  1. Gramma Jones November 2, 2016 at 2:34 am

    80′ huh! I hope that your dad will post pictures of the tower. Reminds me of the Rameumptom tower that the Zoramites built as told in the Book of Mormon. Interesting read, that book. I suggest you read it while you are there. There is lots to learn from it.

    Did you ever think it would be a blessing to be susceptible to car sickness, and have you gotten stuck in on of the craters???

    You don’t have to worry about brushing ALL of your teeth Charlie. Just brush the ones you want to keep. Don’t worry about the rest. ^_^

    I am safe and happy. Thanks for your newsy news. I love to read of your triumphs and trials.

    Love you….

  2. Tawnya November 22, 2016 at 3:36 pm

    I’m so glad your tooth finally came out. Tooth pain is not fun. We miss all of you but we are grateful for this blog to keep up with your adventures. I enjoy reading your posts. I like how honest you are. 😊

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