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beach, church, and school

27 Sep 16
Charlie Jones
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Hello! I hope you are all having good times back in America without us. On Saturday, we went to the beach. There is a lagoon there that connects to the ocean that the little kids like to play in, while all the older kids play in the ocean. When I was in the ocean the waves were huge! I felt like I almost was drowning some of the times the big waves came crashing down. It is Sunday afternoon. We got back from church about five hours ago and the crickets are beginning to chirp loudly, just like they do every single night since arrived. Church is very different here then it is back in Utah. It’s about an hour shorter and is way more boring. I can’t really understand much. Plus, we have the primary program soon and I am not excited about it at all. School starts at 8:00 every day so you don’t have to get up till’ at least 7:00. Then you walk 5 minutes to school and then wait another 30 minutes for all the teachers to get there. After that you go in and do school and then get out at 2:40 at last. I miss you all.


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  1. Gramma Jonesq September 28, 2016 at 12:49 am

    Hi Charlie,

    Thanks for the blog post. I enjoy reading what you are doing.

    A little trick about the ocean waves. If you dive INTO the wave, toward the bottom, just as it is coming to you, then you won’t get slammed into the ocean floor. You actually come out on the other side of the wave. It is way more fun. Try it and let me know how that worked for you. I also liked to swim in the lagoon. It was fun to play with the other kids in it.

    It is nice that church is shorter there, since it is so hot and hard to concentrate.

    Do you enjoy listening to the crickets?

    I find it interesting the the teachers are not there, waiting for the students. When it is really raining hard, some of them just didn’t show up sometimes. Funny things in different countries, huh!

    I hope you are enjoying most of your experiences there. I love and miss you. Keep on keeping on Charlie-O.

    Gramma Jones

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