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Day Eleven

18 Sep 16
Charlie Jones

I have not blogged here for a long time. Tomorrow I start school. I’m going to be in sixth grade. I have my uniform and everything, and I really like it. Tonight for dinner we are going to eat snails but usually we eat rice, beans, cassava leaves and bread. We went to the beach a while ago. The waves were huge! It was very fun. It rains so much here. In fact, just yesterday we took a motorcycle taxi to the baptism place with my dad. It rained so much that my wellies were filled with water and my pants were soaked! It was very uncomfortable. The way they speak here is hard to understand.



  1. Gramma Jones September 19, 2016 at 3:30 am

    Wow Charlie! You skipped a grade. That is awesome. Let us know if it is challenging or easy-peasy! Also…do you have any of the orphans in your class?

    Rainy season is hard. There is soooo much rain. One thing I did notice though is that after it rains, the water gets absorbed into the ground pretty fast because it is so sandy. And the ground isn’t slippery when it gets wet, like it is at home. The puddles do take a long time to go away though. Some are pretty deep. I notice that when it rains here in the Philippines, the passengers on the back of the motorcycle holds an umbrella to protect himself and the driver. Works pretty good since they can’t go very fast because of the traffic.

    Snails. I see them in the market here also. I haven’t tried them…and don’t think I will. Let us know if you like them. Do you like the spicy red sauce that they put on the rice???

    I love you…

  2. Vibecke September 19, 2016 at 6:34 pm

    Hopefully the it will rain less soon. Living close to the ocean means it rains a lot more. But then everything is really green and pretty too usually.

    Hope you like school and that you are making friends.

    Love you, hugs

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